Pegasor M -sensor

Pegasor PPS sensor is a realtime continuous detector of fine and ultrafine particles for particle surface area, mass and number measurements. The instrument is based on particle charging and electrical detection of charged particles.

Unique benefits for users

  • 0.2 s real time resolution reveals the reasons of emissions
  • Measures particle number and mass concentration
  • High sensitivity and wide dynamic range (1 µgm³– 250 mgm³) enables monitoring from industrial stack to downstream diesel particulate filter (DPF)
  • Flow through design enables low need of service – less downtime and continuous monitoring of emissions

Examples of use

  • Engine and aftertreatment development
    • Testing labs and portable emission monitoring devices
  • Stack emission monitoring
  • Outdoor and indoor air quality monitoring

Complete systems available

Pegasor offers wide range of accessories to complete the necessary measurement setup in different applications. These include e.g.:

  • Heaters and heater controllers for sensor and sample
  • Sample diluters and controllers
  • Insulators
  • Digital to analog converters (4 channel / 1 channel)
  • Connectors etc.

Quality assurance

Before shipment each and every Pegasor product is carefully tested. Quality assurance procedure is already done during production. Pegasor own end of line testing laboratory makes the final measurements.

Each sensor shipment includes detailed data sheet for the individual product in question. Sensor calibration has been done jointly with Laboratory of Applied Thermodynamics, Aristotle University, Greece.

Pegasor M -sensor production and assembly process is ISO 9001 certified.