Data logging software PPS-plotter is used to read and store the sensor data. Sensor and all attached hardware are also calibrated and initialized with the PPS-plotter. The software stores measurement data and produces ASCII format files for real time export and post processing.

Download the latest software:

(Contact your local representative or Pegasor for password)

Analog output

PPS-M sensor provides digital output. If analog output is required the data is first analyzed and processed in the PC and then converted back to analog with a DAconverter. Pegasor provides one and four channel analog output devices.

QuadDAC is a four channel analog output device for Pegasor PPS-sensors. It connects to the sensor bus along the sensors and reads data directly from the bus. After setup, PC is not needed for operation. Each channel can be assigned to read input from sensor, filter it and generate an analog
voltage using user defined scaling and offset. Channels have a common electrical ground which is isolated from the sensor bus voltages.


4 channel analog output - QuadDAC