OBD PM sensor technology

Pegasor OBD sensor monitors particle number and mass concentration giving real time information on DPF condition and need of service.

Pegasor OBD sensor technology is one of the most important developments for the future emission reduction as it can continuously and in real time monitor the state of the diesel particulate filters (DPF) and not to exceed emission limits for PM.

Pegasor sensor provides information both on particle number and mass concentration - both critical measures of current and future emission legislation and regulations.

Automotive industry faces more and more stringent requirements for the reduction of fine particle emissions. The car manufacturers have taken this demand seriously and DPF’s are installed to new diesel vehicles.

Broken DPF detected

Even the finest devices may break one day. The DPF breaking typically introduces cracks through which fine particles may penetrate through the filter. Such cracks cannot be detected by a typical DPF monitoring method, i.e. revealing the pressure drop across the filter. Pegasor OBD sensor, on the other hand, can detect any kind of DPF malfunction as it is a true measurement of the fine particle concentration.

Optimization of DPF regeneration

DPFs need to be frequently regenerated. This process includes burning the soot which has accumulated on the filter. Regeneration consumes fuel and thus the cleaning period should be optimized to avoid excess fuel consumption. Pegasor OBD sensor helps in the regeneration optimization as it provides fast real-time measurement of the particle concentration.

Pegasor technology provides many technological advantages against collecting technologies (such as resistivity sensors):

  • Sensor is non collecting and special flow through design enables long lifetime and less false positive signals
  • Sensitivity meets the requirements of current and future emission regulations
  • Sensor correlates to PM number and mass

Other transportation emissions

In many other sectors of transportation development for lower emission levels is still in early phase. Pegasor technology has the potential to lead the development also towards cleaner environment in other sectors - such as shipping and railroad – as well.