Air quality monitoring

Globally, more than 1 billion city dwellers suffer from poor air quality, mostly caused by particulates in the air. Air pollution is the fifth leading cause of death worldwide, responsible for more than 4 million premature deaths each year.

What’s worse, the most toxic fine and ultra-fine particles cannot even be detected by conventional optical particle sensors. For outdoor environments, our solution to this problem is Pegasor AQ Urban.

a comprehensive system for urban air monitoring

The Pegasor Urban Air Monitoring System is an effective method of monitoring city-scale air quality. It consists of a dense network of AQ Urban placed at representative spots (highways, streets, parks, industrial areas, etc.), and reference stations, sending data for analysis over the internet.

The analysed data provides a detailed model about the air quality, visualized on an easy-to-read map with different interfaces for the general public and environmental authorities. When local weather forecast data is available, system can also be used for air quality forecasting.

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Monitoring indoor air quality

Regardless of the quality of the surrounding outdoor air, indoor air quality can be significantly improved using proper ventilation and air filtration. Their effectiveness, however, requires constant monitoring. Reliable and cost-effective monitoring of fine particle concentrations indoors has not been possible – until now.

Our solution, AQ Indoor, is the perfect tool for monitoring air quality in public buildings, commercial spaces and households alike. It allows you to:

  • monitor indoor vs. outdoor air particle concentration 
  • secure proper filter performance in centralized air treatment systems or individual air purifiers
  • secure employee safety in industrial plants where ultra-fine particles are born in the process.

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