engine emission monitoring

Combustion engines are a major source of nanoparticle emissions and thus a key contributor to both global warming and public health hazards.

Our unique technology, based on measuring the electrical charge of particles, has several advantages over traditional measuring methods, making it the tool of choice for detecting particle emissions from all types of engines and aftertreatment devices:

  • Unlike collecting technologies, our flow-through design guarantees sensors a long life
  • Our non-collecting design is far more reliable in terms of false positive signals
  • The sensitivity of our sensor meets all requirements of current and future emission regulations

Our sensor technology will help you achieve the most reliable results in all engine-related applications.

On-Board Diagnostics (OBD)

Our Particulate Matter (PM) sensor is a major step towards reducing engine emissions thru OBD research:

  • It monitors continuously and in real time the state of diesel particulate filters (DPF) and not-to-exceed emission limits 
  • Unlike typical DPF monitors, it can immediately detect any kind of DPF failure

In-use emission testing

Currently, the prevalent method for monitoring in-use emissions is smoke opacity testing. Due to ever-stricter regulations, it’s soon becoming obsolete and will be replaced by electrical systems.
Our particle sensor is the most advanced of these, because:

  • It measures the correlation between particle mass and number
  • Its sensitivity meets all the requirements of modern engine technology as well as current and upcoming regulations
  • It’s very low maintenance in the garage

Our sensors integrate seamlessly with your existing measurement solutions or can be used as stand-alone systems.

Portable Emission Monitoring Systems (PEMS)

The PPS-M is already widely used in PEMS applications as a standalone instrument.

It’s also the perfect choice when you want to complete your existing PEMS with a modern PM sensor module.

Engine and aftertreatment development

The PPS-M easily outperforms any other testing equipment when it comes to engine development. Most leading auto makers already have multiple M-sensors in use.

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