Pegasor G2

Proven technology & results

Electrical measurement of particles has sufficient measurement range and sensitivity to support direct exhaust measurement.


G2 sensor meets the measurement requirements including the range and sensitivity, as well as hydrocarbon evaporation.

Reliable PN monitoring for industrial users

G2 sensor  meets harsh industrial requirements for the use. There are no fragile parts or consumables and the sensor is insensitive to vibrations. 

Engine emissions are widely regulated

Pegasor technologies are globally well adopted by industry testing facilities. Today these state-of-the-art technologies are also being introduced to periodic technical inspection programs (PTI). More and more also ambient air quality and indoor air quality are gaining interest.

Pegasor G2 sensor is a new solution for real-time monitoring of Particle Number (PN). Sensor can be easily adopted to wide range of applications. It is the most capable and reliable source for demanding industrial measurement and monitoring of Ultra Fine Particles.

Key features of Pegasor PPS-G2
  • Direct measurement
  • Fast response time
  • No dilution required
  • Simple and robust structure
  • Integrated VPR
  • Low need of maintenance
  • Flow-through design - no glogging
  • Easy OEM integration