Pegasor PPS-M

Pinpoint the cause of emissions

Thanks to the extremely high time resolution, you can detect what and where causes the changes in particle concentrations

Make sure you meet emission standards

The PPS-M measures both particle number and mass concentration, which are critical components of emission regulations

Get more results with less effort

The smart flow-through design gives you long-term monitoring with low maintenance

Where is it most useful?

PPS-M is your optimal tool for industrial fine particle monitoring in various environments:

  • Engine and aftertreatment development
  • Testing labs and portable emission monitoring devices
  • Stack emission monitoring
  • Outdoor and indoor air quality monitoring


What can you do with the data?

PPS-M integrates with Portable Emission Monitoring Systems (PEMS), allowing you to exit the lab into various real world applications. It's especially suited for monitoring vehicle emissions, such as:

  • Continuous engine test bench monitoring
  • On-board vehicle monitoring
  • Vehicle inspection and in-use testing
  • Diesel Particle Filter grade efficiency monitoring
  • Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) emission monitoring