Better results does not just refer to the more accurate and extensive measuring results you'll receive - it also refers to the competitive advantage you acquire.

Pegasor® customers have the challenging task to design and manage less polluting products and processes. They need to make sure the vehicles in use meet the set emission limits. They have the obligation and willingness to monitor the air quality in urban areas or working environments.

Pegasor® is a leading cleantech company in the field of particle emission monitoring. Our worldwide customers gain competitive edge from the unique value adding features provided by Pegasor´s particulate sensor technology. These features are available for wide range of industrial applications:

  • Continuous, real time monitoring of fine and ultrafine particles
  • Monitoring of particle number and mass concentration
  • Fastest PM sensor in the market
  • Sensitive to small particle concentrations
  • Low need of maintenance & service

Pegasor technology and products provide better information from the air quality and particulate emissions for individuals, authorities and industrial stakeholders. Particle sensors and monitoring technologies for a clean future are here today – from Pegasor®.