Pegasor Particle Counter PPC

Pegasor Particle Counter PPC is a complete, stand-alone measurement system for particle emission monitoring applications. Powered by the Pegasor PPS-G2 particle sensor, the PPC is an easy-to-install system for fast and reliable testing of particle emissions from engine/vehicle tailpipe or other emission source. The system fulfills all requirements and recommendations set in the new European regulations for measuring particle number concentration from vehicle exhaust in PTI applications but it is equally suited for any other exhaust or emission monitoring application.

Particle Counter

The PPC uses the patented Pegasor PPS-G2 sensor at the core of the unit for particle detection. The Pegasor PPS-G2 sensor operation is based on electrical detection of aerosol particles following the “escaping current” technique. This unique method keeps the sensor clean throughout the measurement and therefore maintenance intervals extremely long. The PPS-G2 sensor measures particle number PN concentration as required by the NPTI regulations, but it additionally gives information on the lung deposited surface area (LDSA) and mass concentration of the particles, and median particle size.

The PPC system has been specifically designed for high temperature measurement applications and it includes several features that allow direct measurements from up to 200 °C. The PPS-G2 sensor within the PPC system is heated and operates at elevated temperatures, and an additional heated VPR (volatile particle remover) is included in the unit to ensure efficient removal VOCs and humidity from the sample. The integrated VPR together with the heated sensor module provide several benefits that result in improved reliability as no sample dilution is needed. All the electronic components are insulated from the heated measurement section to ensure reliable operation even in high temperature measurements. Connection to the tailpipe or other emission source is made with the heated sampling line provided with the unit as a standard.

The Pegasor PPC is a robust and reliable Particle Number Counter (PNC) for PN-PTI testing and other emission measurement applications. The system requires minimal maintenance and no attention from the user during use when the built-in self-diagnostics ensure reliable results. All these features make the PPS-G2 sensor an ideal choice to monitor ultrafine particles even in the harshest environments and conditions.

PPC Features

PNC for Continuous & real-time monitoring of particle concentration

  • PN, LDSA, PM and particle size detection in one system
  • Plug and play design for easy operation
  • Operated with a PC or tablet
  • Bluetooth, RS-232, USB and Ethernet connections available

Minimal maintenance and carefree operation

  • Unique flow-through designs ensures long-term maintenance free operation
  • No filters to change, no operating fluids to work with, no compressed air or external pumps needed
  • Extensive self-diagnostic system to increase reliability
  • Robust and reliable construction that is insensitive to vibration
  • Integrated VPR for volatile removal
  • Heated sampling line included for sample transport
  • Improved sensitivity as no dilution is needed

Certified performance

  • NMI, PTB and METAS certified for NPTI measurements
  • High dynamic measurement range
  • Repeatable and reproducible performance
  • Every instrument provided with a calibration certificate and a standard two year warranty


Download Pegasor PPC Brochure

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User manual and more availabe in customer area here.