Pegasor Particle Sensor PPS-M

Particle sensor for emission monitoring

Pegasor PPS-M particle sensor is a powerful tool for monitoring ultrafine particles in a wide range of industrial applications. The PPS-M sensor is specifically designed for monitoring vehicle emissions where its high time resolution and capability to measure particles directly from hot exhaust make it an ideal choice for both RDE and PEMS measurements as well as laboratory testing applications. The PPS-M is especially suited for:

  • Continuous engine test bench monitoring
  • PEMS measurement, on-board vehicle monitoring
  • Vehicle inspection and in-use testing
  • Diesel Particle Filter grade efficiency monitoring
  • Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) emission monitoring

A new and improved version of the Pegasor sensor, Pegasor G2 is now available, see details here.


  • Fast response time
  • Particle number PN and particle mass PM measurement in one sensor
  • Smart flow-through design suitable for long-term monitoring without need for cleaning or other maintenance
  • Direct measurements from high temperatures

A new and improved model of the Pegasor Particle Sensor is now available. See details of the new Pegasor PPS-G2 particle sensor here.



Download PPS-M brochure
Download PPS-M white paper
User manual and more availabe in customer area here.