Particle sensors

Pegasor particle sensors enable accurate and real-time monitoring of particle concentration and size. Our particle sensors are engineered for effortless integration into larger systems and they come with a range of data communication and other integration features. Pegasor ultrafine particle sensor solutions provide OEM integrators and industrial manufacturers cost-effective solution to access accurate and reliable particle detection technologies. Pegasor sensors are available as ready-made technology solutions or via licensing agreements to our key partners.

Pegasor technology partnership program provides OEM partners long-term access to our particle detection technologies. We assist throughout the integration process by first ensuring that our sensor is suitable for your system, and later actively participating in the product integration phase. Our team is also available to contribute in the R&D of your final product and successful performance of the product integration. We can provide support in ensuring that the measurement sensor is properly installed and that the operating conditions are optimal for optimal operation. Our particle sensor solutions include a variety of data communication options available as a standard but when needed, we can also assist in developing a custom communication interface for your system. Our expert technical and R&D support is available during all the stages of the partnership.

PPS-G2 Particle Sensor

Next generation Pegasor Particle Sensor PPS-G2 with superior response is available with a range of optional features for OEM integration. Real-time detection down to 10 nm.

PPS-M Particle Sensor

The Pegasor PPS-M is the classic model of the Pegasor Particle Sensor suitable for emission measurements both in real-world and laboratory conditions.