Pegasor Airam

Pegasor Airam is a standalone monitor for measuring ultrafine particles in ambient, outdoor air. The Airam system is powered by the Pegasor PPS-G2 sensor that provides real-time and accurate information on particle number (PN), lung deposited surface area (LDSA), particle mass (PM) and particle size. The Airam goes beyond traditional PM10 and PM2.5 measurements, aligning with WHO recommendations (global air quality guidelines 2021) for monitoring ultrafine particle number concentration for a more complete understanding of air quality.

The Pegasor PPS-G2 sensor operation is based on the unique Pegasor technology that combines diffusion charging with the “escaping current” technology. With this method, particles flow through the sensor and are not collected inside the system, making the maintenance intervals extremely long, even up to years in air quality monitoring applications. The complete Pegasor Airam system is built within a weather-proof cabinet and equipped with extensive self-diagnostics. A heater for the sensor module is included inside the system to prevent condensation, and the integrated pump with needed filters ensures standalone operation without need for external air supply units. The data is saved on an SD card installed in the unit or via Ethernet to remote location. An optional cloud-based data service is also available for remote operation and data storage.


Continuous & real-time monitoring of UFP

  • PN, LDSA, PM and particle size detection in one system
  • Plug and play design for easy operation
  • SD card, Ethernet connection with Modbus logger
  • Cloud service for remote data monitoring

Minimal maintenance and carefree operation

  • Unique flow-through designs ensures long-term maintenance free operation
  • No filters to change, no working fluids to play with
  • No moving parts, robust and reliable construction

Proven scientific performance

  • High dynamic measurement range
  • Detects the most harmful ultrafine particles
  • Repeatable, linear, efficient

Pegasor cloud portal

Pegasor Cloud Portal is an optional online service for monitoring data from one or more Airam or Airin units. This cloud based system is an easy way to monitor the measured data and instrument operation remotely, and create reports for more detailed analysis. Pegasor cloud portal allows multiple units to be connected to the service at any given time.

Air quality cloud service


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