Pegasor Particle Sensor PPS-G2

The Pegasor PPS-G2 is the next-generation particle sensor offering real-time monitoring of particle concentration and size. The sensor was first developed for vehicle emission testing, and today it is available for all industrial measuring and monitoring applications where reliability, accuracy and ease of use are required. The PPS-G2 is specifically designed for OEM applications and it comes with a range of data communication and other integration features that can be modified according to customer specific needs. With thousands of PPS-G2 sensors deployed in the market already, we can assure the availability of the sensor is even in large quantities.

Pegasor’s patented PPS-G2 sensor combines diffusion charging with escaping current technology which allows long-term, reliable, and accurate monitoring of ultrafine particles. With this unique technology, the sample flows through the sensor without being collected inside the system enabling very long maintenance intervals even in high concentration measurements. The PPS-G2 sensor measures particle number PN, lung deposited surface area (LDSA) and mass concentrations, and additionally gives information on the median size of measured particles – all in one system!

The Pegasor PPS-G2 sensor is a robust and durable choice, and it can even be heated to detect particles directly in high temperature conditions. The sensor requires minimal maintenance and no attention from the user during use, as the built-in self-diagnostics ensure reliable results. All these features make the G2 sensor an ideal choice to monitor ultrafine particles even in the harshest environments and conditions.

Particle sensor G2 features

  • PN, LDSA, PM concentration and particle size measurement
  • Simple and robust structure – no moving parts, no need for working fluids
  • Flow-through design – no clogging of the sensor and long maintenance intervals
  • Extremely high time resolution and response time of 0.2 s
  • No dilution required – direct measurement of hot sample
    • Option to heat the sensor module up to 200° C to prevent condensation
    • Option to add an integrated VPR for volatile particle removal
  • Easy OEM integration – variety of data communication options available
  • Extensive self-diagnostic system to increase reliability
  • Large dynamic range suited to a range of applications
  • Sensitive measurement method suitable for low concentration measurements

PPS-G2 applications

Pegasor G2 particle sensor is currently Europe’s leading solution for periodic vehicle inspection (PN-PTI) applications. It fulfills all requirements set in the legislation and has been approved by various regulators in Europe for regulatory NPTI testing. For a complete PTI testing instrument, see Pegasor Particle Counter PPC.

In addition to PTI applications, the Pegasor PPS-G2 sensor is well suited for numerous other UFP (Ultrafine Particle) measurement applications These include e.g.:

  • Engine and aftertreatment device development
  • Engine testing laboratories and portable emission monitoring devices (PEMS, RDE applications)
  • Small and larger-scale stack emission monitoring
  • Outdoor air quality monitoring as recommended by WHO
  • Indoor air quality and occupational health monitoring applications

PPS-G2 for OEM integration

The PPS-G2 sensor is engineered for seamless integration into large systems. It comes with a range of data communication possibilities, and our in-house development team is available to customize and adapt the sensor further for specific technological requirements. Pegasor sensors technology is available either as ready-made technology solutions or via licensing agreements to our key partners.


Pegasor PPS-G2 brochure