About Pegasor

Pegasor is a Finnish technology company dedicated to developing and manufacturing cutting-edge ultrafine and nanoparticle measurement devices and sensors. Our innovative technology provides accurate, robust, and fast solutions across a wide range of applications from emission and exhaust measurements to air quality monitoring.

Founded in 2008, Pegasor initially set out to create user-friendly particle sensors for industrial monitoring applications and OEM integration. Today, our product portfolio includes both standalone measurement instruments and particle sensors designed for seamless integration with OEM systems. All the sensors and devices are engineered to be used even in the most challenging environments and offer a range of flexible features to meet diverse needs. With thousands of devices already deployed in the market, we can guarantee availability and efficient manufacturing even with short delivery times.

Our expertise at your disposal

Pegasor’s expertise and experience in aerosol physics and particle measurement technologies puts us at the forefront of innovation. Our dedicated research and development team focuses on providing user-friendly, cost-effective, and scalable solutions for ultrafine particle measurement applications. All our sensors and instruments are built upon our proprietary technology which combines accuracy, reliability, simplicity and robustness, while requiring minimal maintenance. Furthermore, our in-house development team is available to collaborate with our OEM partners to customize and adapt sensors to their specific technological requirements. Pegasor sensor technology is available either as ready-made technology solutions or via licensing agreements to our key partners.

Pegasor technology

Pegasor patented technology gives you access to monitor ultrafine- and nanoparticles, offering:

  • Unmatched accuracy and speed: Get reliable results, even in harsh environments.
  • Diverse applications: Monitor air quality, analyze emissions, and advance research and development.
  • Customer-focused solutions: We listen to your needs and incorporate your feedback into our products.
  • Seamless integration: Easily integrate our standalone devices or sensors into your existing systems.
  • Sustainable future: We are committed to helping you create cleaner air and a healthier planet.

Pegasor Partners

Pegasor headquarters is based in Tampere, Finland but we have a global presence via our distribution and partner network. Since 2021, Pegasor has been an integral part of the Capelec group specialized in equipment for Periodic Testing and Inspection (PTI) of vehicles. The synergy between Capelec’s strong commercial capabilities and Pegasor’s expertise in nanoparticle detection technologies, empowers us to offer reliable and accurate technological solutions to customers across the globe.

Pegasor products have been successfully used and developed in numerous joint programs with both academic and industrial partners. Over the years we have participated e.g. in the following programs:


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