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Your partner in ultrafine particle measurement technologies

Need accurate and versatile measurement of ultrafine particles? Pegasor offers versatile solutions for ultrafine and nanoparticle measurement. Choose between stand-alone instruments, ideal for quick and easy deployment in various applications, or seamlessly integrate real-time particle detection into your existing systems using our integrated sensors. Contact us today to discuss your specific needs and discover how Pegasor can empower your research or industrial processes.

Particle sensors

Pegasor ultrafine and nanoparticle sensors are ideal for OEM integrators who need accurate and reliable particle detection as part of a larger technological solution. The new PPS-G2 next generation particle sensor is packed with features for seamless integration into your system. Our mission is to provide you with the best particle sensor technology allowing for cost-effective, real-time continuous particulate monitoring – no matter what your application.

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Particle instruments

Pegasor’s comprehensive Particle Instruments line features powerful instruments for measuring ultrafine particle (UFP) concentration and size. All the instruments deliver a wealth of data, including particle number (PN), lung deposited surface area (LDSA), particle mass (PM), and even particle size. The selection includes complete stand-alone solutions for both emission and air quality measurements.

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