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Press release - PPS-M calibration

Pegasor Announce Results of Latest Calibration Research for PPS-M

Pegasor is the manufacturer of PM sensor for monitoring ultrafine particle concentrations in a wide variety of applications. Company has successfully completed extensive calibration of the system for mass and number simultaneously or accurate mass calibration only. Calibration was carried out with industrial and academic partners

Juha Tikkanen, VP Sales&Marketing of Pegasor, explained that, "Our sensor is based on electrical non-collective detection of fine particle mass and number. When the ion trap is set to collect only un-attached air ions or the 23 nm lower cutoff diameter in the PPS-M trap the sensor has a more sensitive response to ultrafine particles than with larger accumulation mode particles. This setting is good for measuring total number of particles and gives very good correlation to PMP systems. Reasonable accuracy is available for total mass simultaneously. Recent work by Pegasor has shown that by applying optimized trap voltages, in order to remove part of the ultrafine particles, the PPS-M mass reading becomes insensitive to particle size in all automotive applications (GDI, diesel, downstream DPF)." Pegasor has Patent pending for this data reduction technology.

The following count Median Diameter (CMD) independent settings will be available in the soon to be released PPS Plotter software 2.0 (available free of charge from the internet at

Number and mass: Provides information on number and mass concentration of particles simultaneously in all automotive applications. Application specific calibration gives better accuracy.

Mass only: Accurate mass concentration in all automotive applications.