Generating visible results

Pegasor's technology gives you a competitive edge. The value-increasing technical features we have built into our products ensure that in several environments - indoor & urban air quality, stack & engine emission monitoring.


Particle mass & number

The technology used on Pegasor M -sensor enables measuring both particle number and mass - both critical measures emission regulations as well as particulate health effects.

Superior response time

With 0.2 second response time (10 Hz data acquisition) Pegasor M -sensor is able to reveal the actual timely occurrence of particle concentration change. This gives the possibility to deeply understand the reasons behind - adding value especially e.g. to engine and process development.

Wide dynamic measurement range and sensitivity

High sensitivity and wide dynamic range (1 µgm³– 250 mgm³) enables monitoring from harsh emission levels to clean environments. Pegasor M is an excellent tool e.g. for emission monitoring down and upstream particulate filter.

Less downtime - more results

Pegasor M -sensor´s flow through design enables long term monitoring of particles. Less time in service, no need of frequent calibration - more results. Pegasor M is also equipped with sophisticated self diagnostics to ensure proper operation of the sensor.