These references are only small portion of companies and research institutes using PPS-M sensor. Many existing customers already have multiple PPS-M sensors in use.

Bosch GmbH, Test center Stuttgart,Germany
Daimler, Germany
Daimler-Truck, Germany
MBtech, Germany
Deutz, Germany
University Mittelhessen, Germany
Elring Klinger, Germany
Hyundai, Germany
IAV GmbH, Germany
Continental Automotive GmbH, Germany
FEV, Germany
MAN Truck&Bus, Germany
CEA (Center for Atomic Energy Research), France
CERTAM, France
Nodbox, France
Medisoft, France
Onera, France
SRCF (French railways), France
PSA (Peugeot Citroën), France
RSA (Renault), France
IFP, France
Nantes Central School, France
IRSN, France
Fire Research Laboratory, France
UPEC University of Paris, France
Volvo Car, Sweden
Volvo, Sweden
KTH, Royal Institute of Technology, Sweden
Force technology, Denmark
Haldor topsoe A/S, Denmark
Delphi, USA
Ford Motor Company, USA
NTSEL, Japan
Transtron, Japan
KIMM, Korea
KIER Korea Energy Research Institute, Korea
Sungsil University, Korea
Odec Company, Korea
JRC, Ispra, Italy
Continental Automotive Changchun Co. Ltd., China
Turku Polytechnic School, Finland