Pegasor AQ™ Urban

Accurate feedback on outdoor air quality at city level

A perfect tool to get spatially and temporarily accurate air quality information at city level.

Accurate and sensitive

Very sensitive to the most harmful, ultrafine particles.

Long measurement periods

½–1 year service period

Extraordinary stability

Self diagnostic procedure guarantees accurate and stable continuous measurements.

Key features

  • Smallest detectable particle diameter 0.01 μm
  • Tells particle mass concentration, particle number concentration or particle active surface area concentration
  • Easy installation with little installation space
  • Extensive self-diagnosis alarming in case of any suspicion of data quality
  • Enfuser uses various data sources
  • Various methods for data transfer including direct storage in the cloud
  • Stable with no consuming parts
  • Easy maintenance

Dimensions (DxWxH) 320mm x 250mm x 1000mm Weight 20 kg


Suitable for various different environments, including highways, roads, industrial areas, residential areas and parks.

What to do with the collected air quality data?

Pegasor equipment allows dense urban monitoring networks generate big data and also offers solution for data handling. The Enfuser air quality model converts data from Pegasor equipment to easy-toread air quality information for you to:

  • know the air quality information at city and neighborhood level
  • find centralized and distributed emission sources
  • view city-wide distribution of pollution

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