Pegasor´s measurement technology supports Renault in the development of low-emission engines

Pegasor has been in close collaboration with Groupe Renault since 2009. The collaboration has been particularly active in recent years. Renault uses Pegasor’s measurement technology in the development of new engine types. Pegasor’s PPS-M sensor monitors the nanoparticle emission levels of engines in the research and development phase.

The levels of particulate matter emissions have been regulated in Europe with an emissions standard since 1992. Vehicles that comply with the current Euro 6 standard already have very low emission levels. In the perspective of increased regulatory stringency, the challenges for the measurement equipment used in the product development efforts of the automotive industry will be enhanced.

The engines of car manufacturers must comply with international emission standards before being granted a type approval. The engine out emissions of currently used combustion engines consist mostly of nanoparticle emissions. Accurate nanoparticle measurement technology that is reliable in authentic settings is required in product development.

PPS-M measures the number of particles and mass concentration simultaneously

Renault uses Pegasor’s PPS-M sensor in the engine and chassis dynamometers of their engine product development laboratory.  PPS-M measurement results have a particularly important role in the finalization of exhaust gas aftertreatment systems.

Renault chose Pegasor as its partner because, basically, they are the only supplier who can provide a device capable of measuring the number of particles and particle mass concentration at the same time. Pegasor is not only an equipment supplier, but also a partner of Renault in the R&D of low-emission combustion engines. 

“Our collaboration with Pegasor enabled us to improve our measurement methodologies. This kind of partnership is essential to fulfill the new/future mobility challenges,” says particle measurement specialist Marie Derollez from Renault.

“Renault has been one of our key customers in recent years. Through collaboration and feedback, we have been able to improve our product and the quality of our services, and we are looking forward to continuing this in the coming years. Pegasor will shortly release some really exciting new features for its product line. We expect these to support Renault in their efforts to improve engines and aftertreatment,” says CEO Juha Kaartinen from Pegasor.