Get the big picture of your indoor air

Monitor particle pollution, temperature, relative humidity and CO2 levels on easy-to-read graphs

Detect the most harmful particles

AQ Indoor is very sensitive to ultrafine particles – the most harmful pollutants that traditional sensors miss

Place wherever you want

It's small and independent of mains power – just place where you want and leave it gathering data

Where is it most useful?

Pegasor AQ™ Indoor is the perfect tool for monitoring air quality in all indoor environments where well-being and productivity are key issues, such as

  • health care and elderly care facilities
  • kindergartens and schools
  • offices
  • shopping malls
  • etc.


What can you do with the data?

You can read the collected data directly on the device's touch screen, store it via USB, or have it sent to a cloud service via WiFi.  The easy-to-read charts allow you to

  • monitor your HVAC system performance
  • measure the efficiency of air filtration
  • classify your indoor air quality for optimal air filtering