Pegasor Mi3

The most powerful tool for real world emission monitoring

Hook it up with your on-board or engine test bench setup

The fastest particle sensor in the world

Get accurate measurement information in real-time

Easy to use

Minimal tweaking of settings, very low maintenance

More reasons why the auto industry prefers Pegasor Mi3
  • Powered by the mighty PPS-M sensor, the Mi3 is designed for maximum durability and reliability in the harshest of test conditions.
  • Measuring both particle number and mass, the Mi3 detects particles down to 10 nanometers.  It’s fully compliant with EU requirements for PEMS Monitoring.
  • Various connection options are available for output into your test cell data management system.
  • Continuous real-time operation means you’ll get reliable results quickly with minimum downtime.

An optional Air Supply unit will allow on-board use where compressed air is not available.