Our scientific and industrial research partners

Pegasor is an active member of the scientific community in aerosol research. Our scientific partners include top research institutes in the fields of aerosol science and engine emission characterization.

The Aerosol physics laboratory at Tampere University, Finland, develops aerosol measurement methods and studies emission and atmospheric aerosols.

The Laboratory of Applied Thermodynamics at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, Greece, focuses mainly on applied and basic research on combustion emissions.

Pegasor has also extensive and long-term OEM co-operation agreements with world leading automotive sensor manufacturers. For example, Pegasor is involved in EPA (Environmental Protection Agency, USA) approved equipment development through Sensors Inc. USA.

A wide range of application areas

Our customers also include a number of high-level research organisations and institutes, covering areas such as:

  • Indoor air quality
  • Work hygiene monitoring in nanoparticle-rich environments
  • Outdoor air quality
  • Atmospheric research (aerosol fluxes and deposition velocity)
  • Forest fire and volcanic ash detection
  • Stack emissions and diesel power plants
  • Back up power generators
  • Therapeutic aerosols
  • Tobacco industry
  • Engine emission studies (cars, marine engines, locomotives, diesel / gasoline, stationary & non-stationary sources)
  • Filter and aftertreatment device development
  • Oil and lubricant research

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