Pegasor – world-class expertise in nanoparticle measurement


Pegasor develops and manufactures nanoparticle measurement devices based on electrical measurement and non-collective technology. Pegasor’s unique and patented measurement technology is among the best in its field. The device measures the nanoparticle emissions from various emission sources accurately and quickly even in challenging field conditions. Remaining in the forefront of measurement technology requires a profound knowledge of several specialist fields, and experienced and innovative experts are at the core of Pegasor.

Solid and multidisciplinary technical foundation

Pegasor’s development work of measurement devices combines diverse kinds of technical understanding. The competence edge is created primarily through the ability to apply information in product development. Pegasor’s core competence areas are:

  •   aerosol physics
  •   fluid mechanics
  •   thermal engineering
  •   material technology
  •   measurement electronics
  •   measurement algorithms 

‘Pegasor’s development aims not only for accuracy and reliability, but also for a simple and durable structure. A profound understanding of the various fields of measurement technology has enabled the streamlined design of nanoparticle measurement devices,’ says Senior R&D engineer Erkka Saukko.

Patented measurement technology for demanding conditions

Nanoparticle measurement is about extremely small signals. The accuracy requirement and minimization of various disturbances place high demands for the mechanical, material and device planning.

‘Pegasor’s measuring device is compact and structurally simple. There are as few parts and units as possible, and the most significant components carry out multiple functions. The overall system is greater than the sum of its parts. Simplicity proves itself when measurements are made in demanding conditions,’ emphasizes Pegasor’s CTO Kauko Janka.

Details related to the manufacturability of the measurement devices have also been taken into account in the design.

In challenging measurement conditions, such as industrial processes or the monitoring of the quality of outdoor air, the durability, stability and security of supply are emphasized.

Pegasor’s innovative solutions have an extensive patent portfolio. Various implementation methods and applications developed by Pegasor have also been patented.

Onwards through international research cooperation and joint development

Remaining in the forefront of development requires constant work with research and development. The roots of Pegasor’s innovation lie in the long-term research on electronic measurement methods of the Aerosol Physics Laboratory of Tampere University, which Pegasor’s experts have promoted through their doctoral theses. Pegasor participates actively in multidisciplinary research projects with universities and research institutions.

The development of Pegasor’s measuring devices is a continuous process. Development requests and feedback from customers are welcomed. The latest product development project on the expansion of the operational area of a measuring device was launched due to feedback from a customer. 


Pegasor aims to be a forerunner in the development of nanoparticle measurement. Pegasor’s measurement solutions work better, last longer and measure more accurately than previous solutions. They enable the accurate monitoring of indoor and outdoor air quality, as well as the development of ever cleaner technologies in the automotive industry, for example. Pegasor participates in solving the global air quality challenge and creating a cleaner and healthier environment.