Pegasor AQ™ Urban

It detects the most harmful particles

AQ Urban is very sensitive to ultrafine particles (down to 0.01 μm) – the most harmful pollutants that traditional sensors miss

It gives you constant, reliable data

Cloud connected, AQ Urban feeds data to your easy-to-read air quality charts. Self-diagnosis routines ensure the quality of the gathered data.

It's carefree to use

With no wearing parts, AQ Urban is extremely low maintenance, requiring service only once or twice a year. It's also super easy to install.

Where is it most useful?

Pegasor AQ™ Urban is your perfect tool for monitoring air quality and pollution levels in all relevant environments, such as highways, roads, industrial areas, residential areas and parks.

What can you do with the data?

In addition to local air quality monitoring, a network of devices will allow you to generate big data about your urban air quality.

The collected data can be converted to easy-to-read charts that help you

  • observe and analyze long and short term air quality information at city and neighborhood level
  • find centralized and scattered emission sources
  • view the distribution of pollution city-wide