G2 Airam

Real-time monitoring

The Pegasor G2 sensor provides long-term and real-time monitoring of particle number concentration and median size. The patented, proprietary technology combines diffusion charging with the so-called “escaping current” technology.

Low need of maintenance

The G2 is designed for years of use with minimal maintenance, providing you with extensive self-diagnostics. It adapts easily to a wide variety of applications and OEM environments.

WHO & EU recommendation

Both the World Health Organization (WHO) and the European Commission currently recommend that UFP number concentration monitoring should be widely used in addition to PM10 and PM2.5 measurements. G2 Airam meets the WHO recommendation (global air quality guidelines 2021) 

Leading measurement technologies from Pegasor

Pegasor’s technologies are widely and globally used in industrial engine emission & aftertreatment monitoring. The latest Pegasor sensor, the G2, is now the leading solution used for periodic vehicle inspection in Europe.


Continuous & real-time monitoring

  • Just power up and start collecting data
  • Multiple data options available

Carefree operation

  • Minimal maintenance
  • No filters to change, no liquids to play with

Proven scientific performance

  • High dynamic measurement range
  • Detects the most harmful ultrafine particles
  • Repeatable, linear, efficient

Particle number concentration and median size

  • PN dominates the urban air particle pollution
  • Meets the WHO recommendation (global air quality guidelines 2021)