OEM Solutions

World-class expertise for your business

Pegasor provides a strategic partnership for industrial manufacturers who require nanoparticle measurement technology solutions in addition to their own technology. Pegasor’s measurement device is a stand-alone instrument, but it is effortless to integrate it into a larger system. Pegasor can either supply a ready-made technology solution or license its technology out to its partners. We have world-class expertise in nanoparticle measurement.

OEM Partnership Program

We offer our OEM customers long-term technology partnership that gives them access to applying our technology in various measurement devices. In the initial testing phase, we will ensure that our sensor can be integrated into the customer’s final product. We will participate actively in the product integration phase, if necessary. Our expert technical support is also available in all stages of the partnership.

R&D support

Whenever agreed upon, we will also participate in the research and development of the customer’s final product and contribute to the successful performance of product integration. We will ensure that the measurement device is installed correctly and that the measurement conditions and arrangements are ideal. We will provide support and participate in the final product’s validation process. In addition, we will also develop a custom communication interface into the customer’s system together with the customer. Pegasor offers a variety of data communication options. 

Nanoparticle Detection Sensors for OEM Customers

Our range of OEM solutions includes two sensors: 

PPS-M, which can be applied in, for instance: 

  • Engine and aftertreatment development 
  • Testing labs and portable emission monitoring devices
  • Stack emission monitoring
  • Outdoor and indoor air quality monitoring

PPS-G2, which can be applied in, for instance:

  • Vehicle inspection station measurement solutions (Particle number sensor for periodic technical inspection PTI)



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